Thursday, July 26, 2007

Misc news

Cheer on Duncan on

He said : "I have only been in NZ for 1 yr but i am already obsessed with the AB's. I have posters all through my dairy as well as a shrine to my new god 'Richie'. "

If you have other funny videos, just post their links as a comment below ;)

Jujue reacted on the 'soup video' in the chatterbox:

"Now NZ mothers have a new argument for their children when they don't want to eat soup :
'If you eat your soup, you will be an All Black!'."
I liked her remark!

And still about this video, you can watch the making of on

Good news for the Crusaders :

coach Robbie has extended his contract with the NZRU for 2008 (and maybe 2009). Next year, the Canterbarian team will lead another crusade with a team not that different from this year -up to their 5th Super Rugby title!

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