Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All Blacks in Christchurch (pics bu Izzy and Miana) PART 1

Hey Byron, how is your French? I'm sure you've met some people ready to give you some extra class up here, no? *****
Reuben is a tongue player too...Men from the South -what's wrong with their tongues???
Jacko and Andy 'the future "Newly Wed" ' are very happy to be home.
Dougie, the new dad, looks rather serious/ stressed...

To Izzy and Miana,
Ali, Jacko and Aaron
The Sun is always shining over Richie ;)

Graham's speech was pretty cool :
"The All Black staff and players are very happy to be in Christchurch.
We are really looking forward to meeting you again in October.
And please, whatever happens in France, remember that your captain loves you and will always love you ;)"
Jerry just wants to take the first plane to France ;
Keven just want to go back to his new Playstation game...
Men are never happy!

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