Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All Blacks in Christchurch (pics bu Izzy and Miana) PART 2

Look at that, Jo : we have once again missed the balloons...
We are so unlucky!
Richie had some autographs to sign :
To Jo, to Lissie, to Chill, to An-So, to Beth, to Camelia, to Rose, to Ria, to Miana, to JRM, to Cass, ...
He had so many things to do (and his shoulder started to hurt) : he forgot "To MaryL" :(
So if you read this, Richie, it's "m-a-r-y-l"...
Thank you!

My own banner is getting ready (will soon be on Bebo) but it's not as cute as this one...

The All Blacks have a big heart

Izzy & Miana

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