Saturday, September 22, 2007

RGs fashion award of the day

Sian (my French assistant -if not my brain lately!) suggested today's RGs fashion award should got to Finau Maka, from Tonga -since he was elected man of the match against South Africa and our chouchou Ruan Pienaar (and Lissie & Camelia's chouchou : Bobby)
Congratulations to Finau Maka then -and to Ruan for his 2 tries!

Richie, you already scored you two tries in a match (against Italy), but we don't forbid you not to score two others tomorrow :P
Anyway, even if you don't get the RGs fashion award, you always have the RGs hearts to you (and that's what matters!!!)

Maka after the match against South Africa.
Richie and Greg Somerville, arriving in Edinburgh on Thursday.

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