Sunday, September 23, 2007

Misc photos of today!

Waiting for my diary update and Beth's pics, here are some photos taken today!
*everybody was here -spanish and swedish guys!

*hey guys (told you you'd be here!!! kiwis, kenyans and a Austrian now living in NYC). By the way, they are ready to take care of the Richie Girls... The message is on its way :P
*Ally Hogg (or mini Bobby for the RGs) who didn't play tonight *and finally (taken by Mary's dad -merci papa!!!) : Richie! Andy waved at the poster and Kev' thumbed up at my dad's jersey... It had to be written down somewhere....Awesome match guys!

Note : our international RGs meeting took place without the English-girls : Where were you??????

Waiting for Beth's pics when she is back home ; g'night everyone-tomorrow's plane is at 7am!!!!



Lissie said...

Thanks for getting the mini-bobby pic for me and oh la la MR McCAW nice Mary vry nice!!!

MaryL said...

this pic was taken by my dad coz Beth & I were waiting in front of their bus -it was a real company (parents on one side ; us on the other) was fun!

Brian said...

Mary, great pic of us Kenyans, Kiwis and Austrians!!! Priceless. Many thanks for taking it.