Monday, September 24, 2007

Some TV videos
Ready to rock the host-country, guys???

Please, Richie : don't lie -coz you can't lie!
If you haven't watched a match, just tell the guys you haven't!
The best ABs fan videos
I want my anthem too... The RGs definitely need their own song!
$ 6m on the ABs defeat? woaw! and how much for a Portuguese victory next weekend?
As we got closer to the match, there were more and more people in the streets, and more and more showing their colour (whether black or blue!) That was really fun!

One guy behind me said "64,OOO people but 40,000 kiwis" -and I'd agree with them -coz on Sunday, we met many people in green walking on the opposite way (the local football team played at 1pm local time)
Didn't know about this alcohol restriction up there... Good to watch NZ tv to get the news!
Come on guys, you didn't get your beer was alcohol free!
And no, it has nothing to do with wine in France, just with people's behaviour when they have had too much alcohol!

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