Sunday, October 14, 2007

(non NZ news...England did it!)

Yes, we are all sad about last week's defeat, but the World Cup is still on and last night, England showed the world that THEY were the defending champions! Will they remain the World champions? Don't know yet... all we know, is that in a (very boring) match, they were good enough to beat the host of this competition...when I say 'they', I mean 'he' -of course : Jonny Wilkinson! Without this man, honeslty, the match would have been worst than boring!
But that was not the aim of the article : the aim was that it was the family's last tickets for this World Cup and there were some Kiwis left. I didn't attend the match but my dad & my uncle did and they got a Kiwi friend -a farmer, whose name they didn't get but who was very nice! And since they mentionned the blog (I mean, I did it -coz the man was talking to me on the phone!), here you are mister Anonymous Farmer from New Zealand! Thanks a lot for the fern...
That's what rugby is about : connecting people!!!!

Photos : mister Anonymous Farmer on the phone with me and then with my uncle ; dad and the fern on his beret (this morning). The pictures of the match are on my Bebo.

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