Friday, October 12, 2007

useful link

As Izzy our "Local spy" often talks about the morning show on MoreFM Canterbury and the great interviews those two guys (Si & Gary) do, here are the links I use to listen to MoreFM Canterbury :

So far, I haven't found Richie's interview on Friday (?) morning ; but if anyone gets it before, you know who to send your link to...if you don't see what I mean, here is a reminder :
'send me the link at '

Anyway : thanks for your contribution, this blog is yours (you know that) and again sorry about the delay in posting -laptop still 'sick'...
ps : keep mailing your support messages at the same addy ; 3 days left (or maybe more since I won't be home before Wednesday and I won't have access to the Internet if my laptop is still convalescent..lucky you, late people!)


Lily said...

Hi, MaryL!

It's Lily here (you know, the Spanish Richie girl), I have some pics you may like, I got them from Kiwi newspapers.
Can I send them to your email?

Besos, Lily

MaryL said...

sure! my email is the place to be for all the pics, articles, anything you wanna send me :)...Richie-chica!


Lily said...

Sent. ^^ Hope you like them.