Thursday, December 20, 2007

Richie McCaw & the MoreFM Guys : what you missed

Richie on MoreFM Canterbury at 8.10am on Friday morning NZ Time i.e. Thursday night for the rest of the world...

Weather news : 13°C in town. Weird Christmas song by the Beach Boys (the guys said the worst Christmas song ever...I may agree with them!!) Sounded as if they were having an early (Champagne) celebration in the studio in Christchurch (but we love them, so we forgive them!!!)

Big Question : where is Richie? --answer after some (several!!!) commercials... & the interview started at 8.13am.
Answer : in the McKenzie County (his gliding spot). Flying for the last couple of years (flying licence) but gliding is new (this year).
Has his own glider (not cheap)... then something about the engine & Germany (didn't get if it came from Germany or had something to do with the war...sorry!)
Question : when you glide, make sure you can land somewhere -> problem to find airport? must know where you can land, coz the McKenzie county is pretty hilly

Question : Christmas tradition.
Answer : with family in Christchurch. Then going back to the McKenzie County.
Has bought Joana's present but Joana is in charge of the present for Mum&Dad. Is a terrible shopper, needs some ideas before shopping.

Question : 2007 was an enormous year
Answer : working all year long for one goal. France was a disappointment (Cardiff, actually -he corrected by himself! thank you very much!)

The other big question : what about the love life?

Answer : good. (guys surprised coz he never answered the question before, they are even being naughty with him!) Gives "the" name, Hayley Holt. Sounded very happy but won't dance at "Dancing with the stars" coz she hasn't taught him yet (even joking coz Si is to be a candidate or something like that)

Merry Christmas. 8.22am : end of the interview.

Surprise online if you follow this link....

Good night to half of the world & G'day to the rest of the world,
Love you,


added on Friday Morning : interview recorded by Sian (my French assistant!)

The link directly on MoreFM Canterbury (who didn't publish our "here is our date" earlier this year)


-m- said...

Sorry, I've just realised I've mistaken RM with Peter Jackson or any Hobbits around coz I'd understood from the itv and said to MaryL that RM was in MIRAMAR ?!? lol He has a bloody accent, and hearing through a phone is not easy for a frog like I.
Neways. See you

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-m- : es-tu emilie????

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