Friday, May 23, 2008

Looking forward to the semi

again, I couldn't help myself sharing with you a mail from Izzy (only the "public" part of it, of course!)

"22.05.08 : another long link to a video - hope it works. Talking to some of the team today at training, about the big game on Saturday night. Richie's had a short hair cut.

Saturday nights game is far from a sell out - I think people must have heard the weather forecast. It's not supposed to be that flash, winter well and truly arrived today. I'm sure a lot of people will leave it to the last minute to buy their tickets, and I bet there will be a few Canes fans making their way down to Christchurch as well"

RGs will be there, honey! All of us ... mentally only but all there =)

Sorry to have missed the MoreFM interview this morning NZ time!

**Note about the blog in the upcoming weeks**

Thursday was my last day at uni. Exam session from June 4th to June 16th.
There will be delay during this period, I'm sorry but you know how it works : keep emailing me things and when I have time, I can post them or if I forget, remind me when I'm back.

Thank you very much for your understanding,

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