Thursday, April 09, 2009

Inside the Black Jersey : THE VIDEO!!!!!!!

Thanx to Fiona for the link!!!


siska said...

don't we love a man who can play the bagpipe? if only he was in kilts in this video :)

Tess said...

..Amazing grace indeed! FINALLY we get to HEAR King Rich show us his circular breathing skills with a wee skirl o' the pipes!
You read my mind Siska :-)....I too would have loved to see him in full Dress kit.(kilt'n'sporran,brogues,spats,glengarry..sigh..)btw it appears the McCaw clan don't have a specific pattern of plaid i.e tartan.I can remember last year when pics were released,there was also one of D.C wearing nothing but a kilt with a fluffy white sporran & holding a sword....two completely contrasting images.Instead, Mac is in that bloody awfull striped #!
Anyway, this is a brill lil'doco-ette..pure gold!Perfect that the Capt should narrate & be the focus of the Scottish segment.Great insights of behind the scenes, love this fly-on-the-wall type stuff.Always good to see the guys cutting racing toy piggys...who knew! Nice job Adidas :oD

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