Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Inside the Black Jersey

Adidas launched another campaign about the All Blacks.
To watch their reports, visit (presently 2 out of 5 reports online)
or send us an email at --title : "Adidas TV" and we'll forward all the details.

Thanx to Sian for her help :)

ps : Just two things :
"oh Flower of Scotland, when will we see, your light again..."

Now, you go and watch the reports!!!

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Tess said...

...don't mean to be anal about National anthems but it's..."when will we see, your LIKE again"
Enjoyed the intro to the campaign, but if that is the so-called "money shot"..we've been short changed!...blink and you miss it- but nice nips Mac!At least it wasn't cold when he pulled on the Black Jersey(in HK)....& a VERY special garment it was too! The one that has all the names of AB supporters incorporated into the fibres of the Silver Fern emblem...A..MAZ...ING!!Looking forward to checking out all the doco-ettes.:oD